How we Serve

Assessments and Diagnostics

Autism Diagnostic Support , Evaluations and Assessments

At ETHAN we understand how lonely it can be when trying to find answers about “why your child is different”. For this reason we have a group of specialists on our team that can assist with screening and evaluations to assist your child towards getting a diagnosis. We use various assessment tools including the ADOS-2 , which is the gold standard tool for diagnosing autism. A diagnosis is important not to label your child but to assist you in understanding your child better and to get the right supports in place early so that your child has the best possible chance of developing to their full potential.

Assessments form the baseline for further therapy and home programme support interventions


Individual and Group Therapy

We provide one-to-one therapy based on each person’s unique needs. We work with the family and aim to develop and up the strengths and work on the challenges to ensure optimal functioning.

Our group sessions focus on enhancing social and life skills.

Individual Development Plans and Supports

Based on the assessments each client registered with ETHAN has a personalized development plan and sensory profile. From this we are able to assist the parents with various supports to ensure optimal development.

We also refer and direct clients to schools and learning centres that best match their needs and pocket. 

Our Sensory Boxes are very popular and provide a box of activities that can be used at home, in classrooms and while out and about to help provide sensory regulation, soothing and calming activities.

Home Programme Support

We provide tailored home programmes suited to each individuals needs and developmental goals. We also do home-visits to help families with setting routines, having visual schedules and sensory safe zones.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking. People of all ages can use AAC if they have trouble with speech or language skills. Augmentative means to add to someone’s speech. Alternative means to be used instead of speech.

ETHAN has run various workshops on different AAC methods available.

Spelling 2 Communicate (S2C), as developed and patented by Elizabeth Vosseller and International – Association for Spelling as Communication (I-ASC) is one such method. Diane Hobbs is a qualified S2C practitioner and ETHAN has proudly sponsored training for Durandt Lucas who has also qualified as an S2C Practitioner in November 2023.

ETHAN is expanding this service and the number of Spellers who use S2C as a method of communication.


  • High Quality Education and Training Programmes

We source the best local and international specialists in the arena of autism and invite them to present workshops and training sessions to educate our parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals in order to grow their understanding about autism and deepen their skills and knowledge base. Some of these workshops are run online. The majority of our workshops are offered free of charge or at minimal cost to ensure that everyone has access and can benefit from the training.

  • Autism Friendly Training

We run Autism Friendly Training at schools and public places (malls, pharmacies, municipal buildings, first responders, teachers, restaurants, etc.) to educate people about autism, how to be a more inclusive, sensory friendly as well as how to better support the unique needs of autistic people. Our learners at schools get a visit from “Blu” our “Autism Friendly Mascot” who teaches them about autism, anti-bullying and being a good friend. Our goal is to make Mossel Bay the first Autism Friendly Town in Africa!


ETHAN Autism Acceptance Outreaches and Acceptance 

Promoting Autism Acceptance is a every day event for us. World Autism Day is on 2 April and April is typically regarded as Autism Acceptance Month – during the month of April, we make an extra effort with autism acceptance campaigns as well as our annual Autism Outreach Programmes. We go blue because it happens to be our corporate colour and the favourite colour of our inspiration for the Ethan project, Ethan Hobbs. During the month of April our goal is to showcase the talents of neurodiverse friends. Making it a time for them to really shine!

“I am Able” –  Disability Empowerment Model

In line with the Department of Social Development’s Disability Empowerment Model. ETHAN successfully runs various Programmes Promoting Autism and Disability Acceptance.  We continue to affirm the unique strengths and gifts of autistics, see THE ABLE and encourage the rest of the community to do so.

Disability Accessibility

In partnership with various non-profit organizations, persons with disabilities (PWD’s) and various government departments like Mossel Bay Municipality, Departments of Social Development, Health and Education ETHAN is spear-heading the Disability Accessibility Campaign to improve universal accessibility for autism and the neurodiverse, persons with physical, auditory, and visual impairments. This process will be in the form of a awareness and acceptance campaigns as well as a five-star rating indicating that a place is Disability Accessible (like those used for hotels, bed and breakfasts and self-catering places).


Support Services

At ETHAN, our parent support programmes aim at providing meaningful and continuous support for parents and ongoing input and service through their child’s growth. We help families with diagnostic services, therapy, counselling, and parent support groups. We provide individualised support that embraces and optimises each individual’s needs and do not follow a cookie cutter approach.