ETHAN/Mossel Bay Municipality Autism Awareness Poster Competition

About the Poster Competition

The ETHAN/Mossel Bay Municipality Autism Awareness Competition kicked off on 19 March 2018. The competition closed on 18 May 2018 and the judging was held at the Centre for Exceptional Children, 48 Rooikat Street, Aalwyndal, Mossel Bay.

Judges on the panel were:

Councillor Anton Dellemijn – member of the Mossel Bay Mayoral Committee Portfolio Councillor for Technical Services

Councillor Marie de Klerk – member of the Mossel Bay Mayoral Committee Portfolio Councillor for Financial Services

Lavina Hobbs – Board member ETHAN Project, Grandparent to a child with autism

Cara Steyn – BA Fine Arts Degree (US), Graphic Arts, Artist, Private Art teacher, Annually involved with the Mossel Bay Eisteddfod (Visual Arts)

Geoffrey Hobbs – Founder Member ETHAN Project, Director - Accounting and

Magdeléne Barnard – Attorney at Law, Secretary of the Rotary Club Mossel Bay

Gaudie van der Westhuizen – Teaching and Arts Degree, Studied and worked at various academic institutions including; The Paris American Academy in France, UNISA, Pretoria Technical College. Managed various arts schools, Artist with many private collections sold in South Africa and Germany.

A crew of three volunteers were on hand to ensure the coordinated display and movement of the artwork during the judging process.

Judging Procedure

The Autism Awareness Poster Competition artwork is judged by a process of elimination.  All of the artwork is beautifully displayed in an open room, and each judge independently selects 2 pieces of art to keep in the competition according to the set criteria. Thus, after the first round of elimination, 14 pieces remain in the competition. Next, each judge selects 1 piece to advance to the next round, thus cutting the number of pieces down to 7.  Until the number of entries is reduced down to 5. Two eliminated pieces will be marked as “Meritorious Achievement”. The judges then score the remaining 5 pieces. The highest score is marked “First Place.” The next highest score is marked “Second Place,” the next piece is marked “Third Place,” and the final piece two pieces are marked as “Honourable Mention.”

During the judging, there are no artist names, addresses, or school names visible to the judges or any other spectators; the judging is completely anonymous.  No one is allowed to discuss the artwork with the judges.

The only person who may touch the artwork is the contest coordinator.

  • IMG-20180531-WA0003
  • IMG-20180531-WA0004
  • IMG-20180531-WA0005
  • IMG-20180531-WA0006
  • IMG-20180531-WA0007
  • IMG-20180531-WA0008
  • IMG-20180531-WA0009
  • IMG-20180531-WA0010
  • IMG-20180531-WA0011
  • IMG-20180531-WA0012
  • IMG-20180531-WA0013
  • IMG-20180531-WA0014
  • IMG-20180531-WA0015
  • IMG-20180531-WA0016
  • IMG-20180531-WA0017
  • IMG-20180531-WA0019
  • IMG-20180531-WA0020
  • IMG-20180531-WA0021
  • IMG-20180531-WA0022
  • IMG-20180531-WA0023
  • IMG-20180531-WA0024
  • IMG-20180531-WA0025
  • IMG-20180531-WA0026
  • IMG-20180531-WA0027
  • IMG-20180531-WA0028

Results of the Autism Awareness Poster Competition

The posters submitted were of an exceptionally high quality and the creativity displayed was out of this world. It was obvious that all of the entrants made a big effort in learning about autism.


First Place: Hillcrest Secondary School (R2000 prize)

  • IMG-20180531-WA0029
  • IMG-20180531-WA0030
  • IMG-20180531-WA0031


Second Place: Magic Kids Preschool (R1000 prize)

  • IMG-20180531-WA0032
  • IMG-20180531-WA0033
  • IMG-20180531-WA0034
  • IMG-20180531-WA0035


Third Place: Sao Bras Senior Secondary (R500)

  • IMG-20180531-WA0036
  • IMG-20180531-WA0037
  • IMG-20180531-WA0038
  • IMG-20180531-WA0039


Honourable Mention:

Kids Kingdom and Laërskool Vorentoe


Meritorious Achievement : (Prize kindly sponsored by Tinkie Boucher)

Tiny Tots Preschool (R250 prize)


Denneprag Primary School (R250 prize)

  • IMG-20180531-WA0040
  • IMG-20180531-WA0041
  • IMG-20180531-WA0042
  • IMG-20180531-WA0043
  • IMG-20180531-WA0044


Other entrants

  • ATKV Abbasorg
  • Besigehandtjies Kleuterskool
  • Bimbo Kleuterskool en Nasorg
  • Dolfyntjie Kleuterskool
  • Happy Feet Kleuterskool
  • Hoërskool Punt
  • Imizomyethu Creche
  • Juweeltjie Speelgroep
  • Kids's Kingdom
  • Kleuterakedemie
  • Laerskool Vorentoe
  • Leolan Academy
  • Little Einsteins
  • Mooiuitsig Kleuterskool
  • Mosskiddos
  • Plaasjaapies Kleuterskool
  • Ridgeview Primary School
  • St Blaize Kleuterskool
  • Tiny Tods Creche
  • Vuzisiwe Educare Centre
  • Wolwedans Kleuterskool
  • Zetties Hulpsentrum



Viewing of Posters

Pictures will be taken of all the posters submitted and they will be available for viewing in a folder on the ETHAN website – from 1 June 2018. The winning posters will be showcased for a year on the ETHAN website.

We wish to thank Haylene Claassen, Alma Kritzinger, Sharlynn Pietersen, Herchell Theys, and Tinkie Boucher for their hard work behind the scenes to make this autism awareness poster competition a reality. Thanks to all the judges for their time and deliberation.

Finally, a big thank you to every learner and school who participated in the poster competition! We hope that you enjoyed the process of creating and learning more about autism.


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